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I am a Christian mother of two wonderful boys. I have recently remarried to a wonderful man whom God has placed in my life and what a blessing he is. I have worked most of my life, but when I married was able to become a housewife. Now I have time to do the things I enjoy and take care of my family and home. My oldest son is married to a wonderful young lady and they have one daughter. My youngest is single and attending his last year of college. My children I am proud to say are both wonderful Christians. I volunteer at my Church helping with Bible school and during this last school year I helped as a tutor for some of the students. God has given me a love for music and I sing in church as God leads. I also enjoy attending our Beth Moore Bible studies with my "Heart To Heart" Sisters. What a joyous time in the Lord we have. I truly am blessed by God and praise Him for all He has given me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Be patient with me, anyone who might be checking out my blog. I am not quite sure how everything is done and I have one of my friends who has offered to come by and help me out.

I am looking forward to getting invloved in the blogging world and in fact have been able to meet some of you through my friend Val. Just recently she had Mella-Bella on her blog site and I promise I had come up with my Bella before I read her precious profile. I actually use Bella instead of Grandma, but was unaware of the meaning in Hebrew, which Mealnie says is "Devoted to God". That is so perfect for that is what I long to be. If you happen to read this Melanie I will be praying for Andrew and his healing. I know there is nothing to hard for the Lord Genesis 18:14.

In my devotional this morning (Girlfriends in God which I highly recommend) Sharon Jaynes wrote " While it is the Holy Spirit that gives us the power to change the words we speak, the desire to change begins in the heart." Scripture reference Matthew 15:11,18. As I join in this wonderful world of blogging friends, I hope that my words can be uplifiting to you and that my heart can always be filled with God's love. If you would like to sign up for these powerful devotionals, just go to girlfriendsingod.com and it will allow you to read the devotionals and then sign up to have them sent to your e-mail each morning.

Next time I post, I hope to have a picture posted and my blog page completed. Have a very blessed day.